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God of Hope, Spirit and Truth

Life is a mess. There are days that are less messy. There are days that are more messy.

Some days come and I think, “What a mess!” Some days pass and I think, “Not so bad.”

Lately though, life feels messier than usual.hope

It always feels like it’s just one more thing.

If it’s not a sniffly kid, it’s a car problem. If it’s not a struggle in school, it’s a heart matter.

Life has a way of perpetually being out of our control. By design.

I was reminded today of the following verse that I was meditating on just yesterday:

“God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.” (John 4:24)

This morning, our Pastor referenced this verse and made the statement that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.

We so often get caught up in the “humanness” of this life that we forget about the spiritual aspect. We are not just here to be busy, to accomplish things, and acquire stuff. We are here to worship, not just with lifted hands or bended knees. We are here to worship. We are here to worship with bowed hearts and spirits.

Through all of the trials of this life, God wants one thing for us. To rest in worship of His power and faithfulness.

When we keep our eyes fixed on Him, through the storms, during the battles, in the darkness, our spirits can freely worship!

We can have aches and pains, we can hurt and mourn, tears can pass and nights may be long, but our hearts still see hope.

Hope is a powerful thing.  It is a gift.  When life feels messy, and it usually always does, we have the gift of seeing the Creators hand over it all.  We know that He’s got us in His palm.

That is where we find rest.  Even when our kids are hurting, we can look to God with joyful hearts.  We can be searching for answers, for comfort, or purpose, and we can still see His faithfulness and His goodness.

When we remember that God makes beauty from ashes, that He has a plan for good, even in the suffering and the messes of life, we rest in worship.

This second time around with Piper’s health concerns, I have been greatly reminded of this truth.  It is no secret that I ran from God in anger the first go-round.  But this last year, going through the cycle again, I have had so much peace.

Even as hard as it has been to watch her struggle through this last year, through my tears and her own, I have seen God in it all.  The testimony I’ve shared and the testimonies of people that have been shared with me have been a revealing of God’s mercy.

I have been able to worship and lift my heart to Him in the midst of the hardship.

Worship in spirit and truth, you spiritual being, you.  Lift your eyes to the God of spirit.  Bow your heart, lift your hands.  But more than anything, worship in spirit and truth.



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